Upgrade Path to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

May 22, 2018

Not long ago we announced that Ubuntu 18.04 was now the default for all new VPS modules. But what about existing VPS instances? When will your server be upgraded? This post is to let you know!

Ubuntu 18.04.1, the first “point” release, is due on July 26th 2018. It is highly recommended by the Ubuntu developers to wait until then before attempting an upgrade (even though, theoretically, it can be “forced” before then at your own risk). Because the stability of your server is crucial to us, no customer servers will be upgraded before then. We will most likely start shortly afterwards, but will take be taking a snapshot of your server beforehand in case something should go wrong (we don’t expect any issues).

You or your customers may notice short periods of downtime – don’t worry, they will be VERY short and all WordPress servers will be tested extensively before moving on to the next.

Upgrading your VPS will extend support for the operating system from April 2021 to April 2023, which is a whole 5 years from now! In addition, Ubuntu 18.04 ships with a v4.15 based Linux kernel with mitigations in place to protect against Spectre and Meltdown exploits. PHP is now at version 7.2 and MariaDB is at version 10.1.29. Nginx is at 1.14.0. Customers are still in charge of upgrading their own WordPress versions.

If you have any queries or concerns on this, please email us on [email protected]