How to purchase a VPS and then register a domain name elsewhere

November 14, 2017

In this tutorial it is assumed you wish to have a WordPress VPS for your website, but will register your own domain name elsewhere and point to this VPS. This is particularly useful for protected Top Level Domains (TLD) like Ireland’s IE domain, for example, where you need the DNS record to exist somewhere before you register.

The order of events below is important.

Step 1

Purchase your VPS in the usual manner and apply any discount code you may have to the cart.

Step 2

At the checkout, be sure enter the domain you will be registering into the “existing domain” field (even though it actually does NOT exist yet). This is very important.

Complete the transaction and wait for the email from us to confirm your VPS is setup. Do nothing until then. When you get the email, do NOT visit your VPS to set it up. Proceed to registering your domain name.

Step 3

Register your domain name with whatever registrar you choose. In the below screenshot, we are using Blacknight Solutions.

Note how we are using our own nameservers and entering the following:

By using these addresses, the registrar will see your new VPS automatically and the domain registration will complete successfully once you have paid and supplied any required documentation.

Step 4

When, and only when, your domain registration is successful (you’ll get an email from the registrar and it could take up to 24 hours to appear online), you can type in your shiny new web address and setup your new WordPress VPS!

If you also purchased a Digital Certificate, be sure to use the https version of the address in your browser when running the setup (Tip: install this plugin afterwards).

Step 5

Some businesses run their own mail servers (MS Exchange usually) or use G Suite from Google. If you have an MX record you need us to add to your domain for these services, let us know.