My WordPress VPS acquired by altFIRE Technologies

May 22, 2020

Irish business altFIRE Technologies, who specilize in website design and VPS hosting for small to medium business in Ireland and the UK, recently acquired My WordPress VPS for an undisclosed sum.

Speaking today, owner Paul Scollon said “we use My WordPress VPS exclusively to host our customer sites and have done so from day one. It’s a great service. As we step up our efforts to provide the best possible long-term WordPress experience to our customers, it made sense for us to invest in My WordPress VPS and integrate their awesome technology with our own.”

altFIRE Technologies will be rolling out their VPS solution based on OpenLiteSpeed (with LSCache) as soon as next week. When compared with Nginx (with FastCGI) that My WordPress VPS have been using up to now, the results are simply astounding.

Paul went on to add “we hope that all future customers will be happy with the results promised by OpenLiteSpeed (up to 300 times faster in some cases) and will eventually also migrate all existing customers to the new solution”.

In addition, anyone signing up for the new VPS package (at €24.99 per month) will also get a FREE dedicated email box with 30GB of encrypted storage for their primary domain email, hosted by Fastmail.

For the moment, all our VPS modules will use the existing technology as described on our About page.