Block Level Storage is Here

February 1, 2018

Our new Additional Storage addon adds 50GB to your new VPS, mounted straight on to your wp-content/uploads¬†directory in WordPress. The best part is, you can buy as many of these addons as you want (one off payment) and we’ll give you all the space you need… 100GB? No problem? 200GB? Sure! 500GB? …. well, it’s your money!

This network attached storage is formatted using ext4 and is “highly available” (data is replicated multiple times across different racks). It’s also secure, as data is encrypted and accessed over an isolated network by your VPS. This ideal for video or audio hosting, ISO files, etc. You may also want to consider FTP Access to your installation due to PHP file upload restrictions.

Oh… and it’s on sale until May 31st 2018 at $199.99. That’s less than $4 per GB of cloud storage… forever. Nice!