How to Block Bots from Seeing your Website

August 5, 2016 is a website that details comprehensively how to protected your website from, well, hacking. They all produce a fantastic set of rules for use in your website’s .htaccess file that will automatically block all bots trying to get access. However, as a VPS user you don’t have direct access to this file, and besides, NGINX doesn’t use .htaccess anyway. So how can you still protect yourself? Very simply actually.

First, install the plugin iThemes Security as detailed in our Recommended Plugins section. Once this is installed and you’ve run the basic setup, you can access Security > Settings > Recommended via the WordPress menu. Click on the Configure Settings link for Banned Users.


Once in here, you can simply click Enable’s blacklist feature


and click Save Settings. You will be prompted that NGINX needs a restart.


Now all you have you have to do is request a reboot of your VPS. This is done easily via our Support page and takes only seconds. Downtime is absolutely minimal.


That’s it! After the reboot is complete, you are now protected against attack from thousands of known sources and types of bots, hackers and other malicious visitors to your site (in addition to the ones we are already blocking for you).