VPS Infinity (Reseller Package)

One-off payment of $1499

Get a copy of our template with a one-off payment and sell as many VPS instances as you like to your own customers. You could also repackage this template as you like and sell it on again to another business!




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This option is ideal for web designers or resellers who want to deploy VPS instances for their own customers. All you need to do is create a Digital Ocean account using the below button:


and then after checkout we will transfer to you your very own VPS template, based on our own. You are free to change this template to your liking, create as many VPS instances as you like (with any specification), and charge whatever price you want. There are no limitations!

Our WordPress VPS image run on the latest Ubuntu LTS for speed and security. The webserver is powered by nginx and uses PHP7 with MariaDB for lightning fast response times. WordPress is pre-installed and ready for setup – all you need to do is have your customers point their DNS records at the VPS.

You will have the option to supply a SSH Public Key for inclusion in the image.

If you have a pre-sale query about this product, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]


Please Note

Please Note

If you purchase VPS Infinity, we cannot support you as you will have access to the template machine as a root user and could potentially damage the image. It is highly recommended you keep a non-modified snapshot at all times for recovery. It will be up to YOU to patch your client machines and use the latest WordPress releases in future images based off this one. Once you accept the image transfer, our work is done and you are on your own. Please be very clear on this!

That being said, VPS instances created with this image will pretty much look after themselves, we’ve taken care of that. Minimum expertise is required to deploy servers for your own customers, and the Digital Ocean Community Knowledgebase is extensive.

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