50 Dollar Discount Available Until December 31st

December 13, 2016

There’s still time to use the discount code mywpvps2016 to get a whopping 50 dollars off a VPS at the checkout.

You simply purchase the VPS that best suits you, choose the specs and decide if you want backups on or off. Then apply your coupon code at the checkout. We do the rest, and it all happens quite quickly. We even configure the database settings so all you have to do is choose your WordPress username and password. The site is up and running in seconds with no messing about.

After 12 months you need to renew your VPS package to keep your site online – don’t worry, this should happen automatically. However, be sure you have a Paypal account to help make your renewal go smoothly. If anything goes wrong, we will send you an email before suspending or cancelling your VPS. If it works out better financially, we also have a VPS that you can rent on a monthly basis.